Complementary Courses 2017-2018

To request Complementary Courses for the 2017-2018 school year students are to use their google account.

Information regarding our course offerings can be found under publications or you can click here. Students are asked to discuss their choices with their parents before entering their course requests.

To access the form, students will be asked to log in using their google account and when they have completed the survey they will receive an email to their school account verifying their selections.

Please impress upon your child that this is not a first come, first served process. We are collecting student requests in order to decide which courses will be offered next year and how many sections of each course should be offered. We will use this information to complete our scheduling process and then place students in their classes. While we will do our best to satisfy all requests we reserve the right to make changes.

If you have reviewed the information regarding the complementary courses and are ready to select you can follow these links:

Grade 6 students wishing to request Grade 7 courses please click here.

Grade 7 students wishing to request Grade 8 courses please click here

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