21st Century Learning

Supporting 21st Century Learning at Muriel Clayton

"In order to move schools and classrooms towards an education system that prepares students for the 21st Century, Rocky View Schools is building a collection of resources to assist its communities in securing a common understanding of 21st Century learning."
~ RVS website

Our students:

  • Participate in a wide range of exploratory opportunities
  • Are encouraged to stretch themselves as learners
  • Have opportunities for choice and input in their learning that considers who they
    are as a learner

Our staff:

  • Consider attributes of 21st century learners in their planning for student learning
  • Consider current research and developmentally appropriate best practices

Our students and staff:

  • Utilize a wide range of technologies to support learning:
    • Desktop computers, laptop computers, Chromebooks, robotic devices, manipulatives
    • iPads, SmartBoards, Document cameras, Digital cameras,
    • Productivity software that supports teaming and collaboration
  • Work collaboratively in reaching clear targets for learning outcomes that are in student friendly language
  • Celebrate achievements in their work

Our parents:

  • Support us through their input, their financial contributions, their volunteerism
    and their participation in celebrations of learning

Learning and Teaching in Rocky View Schools

21st Century Learner

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