Grade 7 Band


Welcome, to all new Band Students! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! My email address is


Beginner band is primarily a performance-based course focused on learning performance skills on a specific band instrument. The instruments available to choose from are flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone/euphonium, tuba, and percussion. You will continue to develop your music reading abilities and your musicianship. This course will develop ensemble skills, teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and initiative through the learning and performance of selected repertoire. Above all, I hope that students will learn a life-long love and appreciation of music!

Through the repertoire of instrumental music, we use the TRADES acronym to help students improve their instrument playing. TRADES is always approached in order, as each step scaffolds instrument playing in the appropriate order of importance (Example: TONE/RHYTHM: students must first be able to make a noise (tone)out of their instrument, before it matters if they can play rhythms correctly).

T-TONE Students must first to make a sound on their instrument. As the year progresses, we continue to emphasize the development of beautiful tone on their instruments that blends seamlessly with their classmates.

R-RHYTHM Students must be able to accurately read the rhythms on their pages. This requires that students can both read rhythms and that they can accurately interpret how their rhythms intertwine with the rest of the band and the conductor. This is a skill developed together during class time.

A-ARTICULATION Students will learn how to read a variety of articulation markings such as staccato, tenudo, agogic, marcato, etc.

D-DYNAMICS Students will learn how to make listening to the music impactful by controlling and strategically changing the volume they play their instrument at.

E-EXPRESSION Students will work to interpret the piece of music and use all of the strategies above in conjunction to make the music expressive and beautiful.

S-STYLE Students will understand the style in which they are playing and address the historical facts and implications of the piece they are playing.

To achieve the above goals playing tests, assignments, and extracurricular rehearsals and performances will be a regular part of the work required.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT is always appreciated and if a family member can volunteer to help with various events and functions throughout the year, please indicate so by having them return the Volunteer form that will be sent home in January.


Fund-raising is a necessary part of Band programs to lower the cost of field trips, purchase new instruments, maintain current instruments, purchase uniforms, and much more. All students are required to give their best effort when participating in Fundraisers. This year, students will do two 59er fundraisers, and a Valentine’s Day fundraiser. These events are mandatory for students to attend.



All students must dress uniformly for all performances. Students must wear a band shirt that will be provided, Black dress pants (skirt), and appropriate shoes.


All students are expected to be on time and arrive prepared for classes, rehearsals, and concerts. Being prepared involves having an instrument in clean and top working condition, all necessary books and music, a pencil, and an attitude that balances willingness to work hard and learn with enjoyment and teamwork in mind. Your classroom mark will reflect your effort in this area.


It is expected that all students practice their instruments outside of class time for 60 minutes per week. Practice sheets will be sent home with the students and require a parent signature to ensure that students have put in the required work at home. Students will be given ample notice of all testing dates, requirements, and testing items. It is the student’s responsibility to set up an adequate home practice schedule sufficient enough to keep up with the skills required for the testing material -  Your course mark will largely reflect your ability to do so! You will be letting down the rest of the students in the class if you cannot play the music given to you at an acceptable level. I am available for any extra help that you may require in preparing for these tests -  the music room is always open to band members on Mondays, Tuesdays (lunch), Wednesdays (lunch recess) and Thursdays at lunch recess for extra practice time.  Take advantage of this! (word of advice -never save your need for help the day before a test!)


Watch a video to help you maintain your instrument properly.



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