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Pause on Locker Use


Pause on Locker Use


Hello All,


As you know some new Covid restrictions were announced by the government last night and Rocky View Schools met to ensure all safety measures were put in place to keep children safe.  In an effort to cohort our grade 5 and 6 students and to minimize contact in the halls and between classes as a school team we have a chosen to put a pause on the use of lockers for the time being. This is only a pause, and we do for see that lockers will be used in the future.

We will have the same process in place for students storing their supplies in the classroom as we did last year, but students will have to carry some of their supplies back and forth to school with them.  I know that this is a disappointment to some students and a bit of an inconvenience, but they have been very understanding and gracious with the unexpected news, this decision was made with the intention to minimize student contact outside their cohort and keep all your children safe.


Thank-you for your understanding.


Warm Regards

Susan Sellan, MAEd,

Principal, Muriel Clayton Middle School

Rocky View Schools

Ph: 403.948.2445

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