Meeting Minutes October 21, 2021

Muriel Clayton School Council Meeting

October 21, 2021 7 pm



Susan Sellan, Jennifer Gervais, Robin Ginter, Janine Mitchell, Myril Pratt, Camille Anderson, Jodi L, Priscilla Kennedy, Lori Mullaney, Denise Lindsay, Lisa Brade, Nykol Kroeker, Darren Head

1. Call to Order –at 7pm

Minutes from September meeting approved.

2. School Council Report

  • November 25 – joint council meeting with RVS Board 5:30-7:30pm
  • Janine discussed comments/questions from parents with Susan answering
    • Parents asking about school dances. Important social skills being missed out on
    • Currently on hold due to co-horting, As things release potential grade danes
    • Intermurals  will start running again once grade 5s do not have to co-hort any longer. Typically starts in January
    • Weapons on school grounds what happens
      • Automatic suspension whether in school or out of school. Admin decides on amount of days
      • Difference between suspension and expulsion – Expulsion is for time and time repeated offences, it’s a board decision, go to a “court” with the board. Very rare in a middle/jr high school
      • Fundraising committee meeting to follow
        • Myril discussed bottle drop for Nov 4 from 8am – 6pm
        • Nov 8-26 Coco brooks fundraiser

3. Trustee Report:

  • See attached document
  • Will be meeting to discuss rotation and who will be going to what schools after election

4. Principal Report

  • Band program has grown! Originally started out with 20 people and up to 35 now
  • Gr 6 had a soccer tournament and did very well
  • Gr 7 and 8 Jr A volley ball is currently running
  • Gr 6 volleyball just starting
  • Terry fox run raised $1450
  • Healthy hunger has restarted. Every Wednesday you can preorder 1 week at a time or the whole year!
  • Continuing the “Caught you doing something good program” this is to promote random acuts of kindness throught out the school
  • Halloween: Face masks in class but not in hallways… you are still required to wear a covid mask
  • Rememberance Day assembly will be virtual again. Parents are welcome to join via Zoom.
  • Safe arrival – new attendance procedure. If you are picking up early or kids running late please continue to call the office.


Meeting adjourned at 7:47pm

Next Meeting November 18, 2021

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