Music at MCMS

There are several musical opportunities for our students at Muriel Clayton!

Come play with us!


Grade 5/6 Music Program

This year in music grade 5's will be learning to read and perform rhythms using coffee can drums. They will be learning the basic ringing techniques of the chimes, perform rhythms, chords, and chime music. They will also be focusing on musical terms and symbols that they need to know in order to perform the music given to them. Students will be singing and moving through games and dances. Later on in the year all grade 5 & 6 students will be learning to play the ukulele. Grade 6 students will be learning to play African drums. They will be creating and performing rhythms and doing some ensemble work. Later they will be doing bucket drumming, learning to count rhythms, sticking techniques, playing to accompany songs, and doing more ensemble work.  This year grade 6 students will be learning to read and write music on a staff and performing on melody bells.

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